Tattoo Promotional Design Work

This week I was only able to get to the studio for a few days. The studio is of course open for business 6 days per week, but I had to leave things in the capable hands of Tiago and Leandro.

As I was housebound for a week I wanted to spend my time doing something that would benefit the studio, and so I decided to spend some time creating some of our marketing material into paintings.

The cost of printing marketing material is astronomical and saving a few euros whilst getting my creative juices flowing was very appealing.

On our sister site @ we use an image of a screaming woman covered in tribal style art work and I decided to paint this to display it in the studio.

Here is the result of my efforts:

Algarve Tattoo Promotion

This piece goes hand in hand with the Painting I created a few months ago which was a logo for our Albufeira Tattoo website. Here is the image for the logo I created:

Albufeira Tattoo

So whilst I may not have had the chance to do many tattoos this week, I am happy that I was able to get some art work related to the studio completed. Have a great weekend everyone :)

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