No Football Tattoos So Far

So it’s World Cup time and over the last week I have not had a single request for a football related tattoo. This week was however a nice creative week where I had the chance to meet plenty of nice people who wanted interesting Tattoos. Here is my weekly roundup…

On Wednesday we had a group of people from Iceland come into the shop. First up was Mæja who wanted to have a set of wings tattooed on her upper back. She also wanted some small feathers and a flower at the base of her neck. Here is the outcome…

Angel Wings

A big thanks to the lovely group from Iceland who have invited me to Iceland next year for some Tattoo sessions. I look forward to seeing you again and having a nice glass or two of Moonshine 😀

On Thursday an English gentleman came into the shop wanting a tattoo of a Native American Lady on his inside lower arm. We almost finished the session in one sitting but he will be coming back into the shop to finish things off in a few weeks. Here is the results so far…

Native American Tattoo

We also had a nice lady come into the shop who wanted a Tattoo of a scene from the animated movie “The Nightmare Before Christmas”. I drew up a sketch of the Tattoo and she is coming in next week to have the work done. Here is the sketches so far…

Tattoo Sketches

I look forward to this project and I will make an update next week with the finished result.

All in all it has been a great week at the 4 Ever Tattoo studio also known as Algarve Tattoo. Lets see if I can make it through the final stages of the World Cup without having to do any football related Tattoos 😀

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