Fender Telecaster Tattoo

Last week I was contacted by a gentleman from Germany called Wilfried who wanted a Tattoo of a Fender Telecaster Guitar on his arm.

Wilfried plays the guitar in a Southern Rock/Blues band called the ‘Wilfriends’ and has been playing guitar for many years. He is particularly a fan of the classic Fender Telecaster Guitar.

He already had an Eagle Head Tattoo design on his upper left arm that he had done years ago and he wanted to incorporate the Telecaster Guitar with the words “Rockin Blues” into his current design.

So Wilfried came down to Algarve Tattoo and this is the result:

Algarve Telecaster Tattoo

Wilfried’s Wife Karin also came into the shop with him and decided to get a Tattoo for herself. She had never been tattooed before but had been interested in the idea of having a Feather Design Tattooed on her arm.

Feather Tattoo

I would like to say a big thankyou to Wilfried and Karin. Keep on Rockin and I hope to see you again soon! :)

Wilfried & Karin

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