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Albufeira Tattoo

If you are planning a trip to Albufeira in the Algarve and you are thinking about getting a tattoo done whilst on your holiday, make sure you come down to our studio for a chat.

We specialize in custom designs, and we also have a huge selection of tattoos on our walls and galleries for you to choose from.

Albufeira is a wonderful place for a holiday. It has a little bit of everything from good food and great nightlife to a rich culture and wonderful architecture. It also has many different tattoo studios to choose from. As the premiere Albufeira Tattoo Studio, we urge you to visit us at Algarve Tattoo because we are sure that there are none better than us in the area.


Our studio is clean and comfortable and we are fully equipped for your visit. We have a comfortable seating area where we can have a chat and talk about the kind of tattoo designs that you like.

“I needed an Albufeira Tattoo whilst on my holiday in Portugal and the guys at Algarve Tattoo made me feel at home and also gave me some ink that I truly love. Thanks a lot guys for your amazing work!” – Michael, London

That is the kind of testimonial we are used to. We take pride in our work and nothing brings us more joy than when a client is 100% satisfied with the results, which is 100% of the time!

Albufeira Tattoo Studio That’s a Notch Above the Rest!

We have heard many nightmare horror stories over our years of tattooing. From artists miss spelling names to work that is just completely second rate. Over the years we have fixed many botch jobs made by other tattoo artists and we are proud to say that we have never had a customer be unhappy with our work and neither have we ever made an error.

Make sure you do your research before deciding where to get your Albufeira Tattoo. Visit all the studios and check out the portfolios in detail. Ask about their experience and make sure they are 100% hygienic and clean. But if you want to save time, then just come straight to the best at Algarve Tattoo!

Thanks for reading our first blog post. We will be sure to post many more as often as we can.

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