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About Algarve Tattoo

At Algarve Tattoo we specialize in high quality custom Tattoo designs. No project is too big or too extravagant for our talented team of Tattoo artists.

We are based in Albufeira in the heart of the Algarve and are the premiere Tattoo studio in the Algarve region of Portugal.

We are often available at short notice but it is better if you use our contact page and make an appointment to be sure that we can fit you in.


Marcus Sellberg

"Jean done an amazing job on my Tattoo! It was exactly as I had planned and considering I was only able to supply him with an old photo I had from years ago, he really captured the essence of what I was looking for. I highly recommend Algarve Tattoo for anyone who wants 100% pure quality."

Marcus Sellberg

Kirsty Jones

"I am so pleased with the result of my tattoo at Algarve Tattoo. It is everything I hoped for and more. Jean is a true artist and I will be back for more without a doubt."

Kirsty Jones


Meet the Algarve Tattoo Team.

  • Jean-Louis Yves Merre

    Jean (The Ink Master) Yves

    Jean (The Ink Master) Yves is the senior Tattoo artist at Algarve Tattoo. With a lifetimes worth of art experience behind him, he delivers truly amazing ink work that will knock your socks off!


Is it a safe process?

At Algarve Tattoo, safety is our primary concern! We are very strict when it comes to hygiene and we pride ourselves on our level of cleanliness. We always fully sanitize the tattoo area and our procedure consists of wrapping our instruments and always using sterilized equipment.

Can you fix an old tattoo?

We are able to work old tattoos into new ones. We can add color to brighten existing designs and we can even get creative and rework your old tattoo into something new. Do not go through life with “I love Monica” Tattooed on your arm if you love Michelle!

Can I supply my own design?

You absolutely can! We are able to adapt any design you have into a beautiful tattoo. You can bring your own design down to the shop, or you are more than welcome to choose from our thousands of designs on our walls and in our books. If you wish to bring your own picture, then try to bring the best quality image you can get hold of. The team at Algarve Tattoo will turn it into your dream tattoo.

Will my tattoo fade?

At Algarve Tattoo, we use the highest quality pigments available in the tattoo industry. They are certainly not cheap and can be difficult to find. Part of the reason for our success is because we only use the very best products. Our tattoos are fully guaranteed to stay bright and sharp forever.

How do I care for my new tattoo?

If you Keep it clean and follow these basic instructions, it will enhance the life of your tattoo and fading will be much less.

Leave the wrap on after the tattoo for 4-5 hours.
Remove wrap, wash with warm water & soap, pat dry with a clean towel.
Do not bandage again.
Before scab forms apply the cream we provide 3 or 4 times daily.
Stay out of swimming pools, salt water, and only minimal sun exposure while the tattoo is healing.
DON’T PICK AT SCAB. Tattoos will generally heal in 15-30 days.

Does getting tattooed hurt?

In short YES! It can hurt. Everyone has a different pain threshold and tolerance and it will be a different experience for each individual person. At Algarve Tattoo, we always give you a break when you need it and we are sure you will feel as comfortable as possible. Like home away from home.

What are your prices?

How long is a piece of string 😀 Well it varies from tattoo to tattoo. Prices depend on a number of variables, from the size of the tattoo to the complexity of the design. At Algarve Tattoo, our prices start at around the €30 mark and go up from there. Remember, a tattoo is an investment for life and you get what you pay for.


Contact Us

We based in Albufeira in the Old Town and are open from 2pm to 10pm Monday to Saturday. Please feel free to come in and see us anytime! We are a friendly bunch here at Algarve Tattoo and there is always a coffee and a chat waiting for you.

If you would like to make an appointment, contact us with the details below and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Address: Address: Hotel California Arcades, Bar Street Albufeira Old Town

Phone: (+351) 916 229 645



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